Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dalam bulan nie , banyak kenangan bitter dengan sweet .. haha

But the worst thing is Junhyung and Hara now be a couple -.-
I'm not anti fans of Hara or Kara ..
But can't believe it ~ But that is true . I have to accept it . All B2UTY had to accept it whenever they like or not -.- yah that's their life .. They just like other people .. eh what i am talking about ?
Okay but maybe i will accept it more if he choose ordinary girl .. maybe we'll not know her randomly .. but now she is an idol so all of us know about her :) and aboput the picture ~` ah i will try to accept all this ! huaaaa :'(
BTW gongrats to them a.k.a new couple . :) its a fact not fiction :)